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One of our users keeps getting an 'unable to print' error message when printing multiple documents to an HP plotter in CAD.

We support a company that uses AutoCAD using an HP Plotter.  They were previously able to print multiple pages without any issues.  However we rebuilt their server and re-installed the plotter but now they get a message saying 'unable to print' when printing multiple pages.  The documents do print but they have to keep clicking through the error.  Could this be a problem with the memory on the printer or how the driver is configured on the server?
1 Solution
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Yes, it's possible that you are right.

To test this, on one workstation:
remove all the printers listed that use this plotter's same printer driver( there may only be one).
From the Printers and Faxes box, click Fiile > Server Propertiies > Drivers tab
and remove the plotter printer driver from here.

Now, just doubleclick on the plotter to reinstall it from thhe server:
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
To quote you:
Could this be a problem with the memory on the printer or how the driver is configured on the server?

You are sort of right here, not really a problem with how the driver is configured on the server, but rather that there is a new driver on the server, and the driver on the workstations is the old copy of the driver so you should force a redownload of the server's printer driver. using the steps I mentioned in first post.

Another thing, that the first evironment is common when changing the server printer driver; but 'usually'( but not always) the server's printer driver will get downloaded again to the workstation eventually.
just to detect problem, install the same driver of the server, in the workstation,
(don't answer keep at the question about overwriting driver) and create another printer, pointing direclty the plotter. Verify the result.
Always in this added printer, verify in properties/port tab, bidirectional support:
test to change it. If by these tests you can have the plotter going well, try to
extend to server.

Look for settings on the plotter as well as system printer on the server that allows spooling of only one file at a time. The system printer might be trying to spool when the printer isn't accepting more data until it's done.

Some HP plotters, howeever, will accept multiple sheets when plot nesting is enabled. Depending on the settings on the printer, the driver settings may need to be different so I can't give you a single "do this" answer as it all depends on a combination of things.

Than again, this issue could be related to something else completely.
tlcsupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks I removed the printer and cleared the driver from server properties.  I then linked them back to the printer and they no longer got the error.

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