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I'm running a loop using EOF to log into each server in my file serverlist and then run the commands but I want the output to be in csv format in order that I can open it in Excel. I need to be able to remove the new line chars in order that it's csv format but I tried to append  | tr "\n" to the commands but it didn't help. I have another question open where I tried to do is slightly different to here but that didn't work either

for server in `cat serverlist`; do
ssh -q $server <<-EOF 2>&1 >>output.log
sudo su -
hostname | awk -F'.' '{print $1}'; echo "," cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal; echo "," cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" | head -1 | awk -F':' '{print $2}' ; echo "," cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -c processor

echo "$info1,$info2,$info3,$info4"

sed -e /^Logged/D -e /^WARNING/D -e /^"Initializing profile"/D -e /^$/D output.log>excel.csv
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please look at your other Q - 24346213
It should work as I suggested there.
Looks like you had already thought of a way, assigning the output of each command to a variable and then outputting the variables?

info1=`hostname | awk -F'.' '{print $1}'`
info2=`cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal`
info3=`cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" | head -1 | awk -F':' '{print $2}'
info4=`cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -c processor`

echo "$info1,$info2,$info3,$info4"

Try this:

# ...Etc...
hostname | awk -F'.' '{printf "%s,",$1}'; cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal | tr '\n' ',' ; cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" | head -1 | awk -F':' '{printf "%s,",$2}'; cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -c processor
# ...Etc...

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