Does installshield's Iscab.exe only change the cab file(s)?

I'm wanting to quickly create new images (ie. not use IS to rebuild when I'm just adding/deleting files from the CAB).  I believe the only file need by iscab is the layout, but I just want to make sure that is the case and it doesn't change the layout.bin or anything do anything that would mess things up for me.
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Bryan ButlerAsked:
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I believe the layout.bin and also the .hdr files will be modified if you add/remove any files from the install.  If the files are the same size and already exist, the layout might not change (even if the hdr/bin files are updated with the same info).

But to be safe, I think you have to assume that they will change every time you use Iscab...if you have an easy test case set up, just check the timestamps?

*.bin, *.cab, and *.hdr are pretty dependent on each other.  What is it you are trying to do that you want to avoid changing the other files (other than cab)?

I find for quick re-builds, I use a little C# app I wrote that uses the Installshield Automation stuff.  The automation stuff was free in version 10.5 Pro, but they started requiring the Premiere version to get automation starting in Installshield 2009.  However, if you owned 10.5 Pro you were entitled to the automation for free in one of the later versions of Installshield.

To get the automation stuff installed is a separate install from Acresso (previously Macromedia).
Bryan ButlerAuthor Commented:
This is version 12.0 and it an "InstallScript Project".
Bryan ButlerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  I'm wanting to avoid any extra files to manage.  I'm looking into the scripts/functions available as it will be the easiest way to automate everything.  And yes, the TS is updated on the hdr too.
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