How to I remotely change User Account types in a Windows XP domain?

I have many users in Windows XP that are set up as Administrator account type.  I need to change many of them to User or Power Users.  Is there a script that can easly do this on many pc's at once?
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Why do you want to give the local accounts? or are you saying you want them to only be members of the Domain Users Group?

You can remove users from the Local Admin Group by using a GPO. tells you how.

another good resource on the issue is available at

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The only way that I know how to do this would be to open the administrators group on the server and remove anyone that you do not want in that group. Then open the users and power users groups and add anyone that you want in those groups. If there are not too many users, this should not be too difficult.

In my experience, scripts to do simple tasks like this have not ended well for me, haha. :)

Hope this helps.
gonealAuthor Commented:
The users are Domain Accounts that are installed on the local machine as admins.  Maybe this is better off going by hand. :)
Are you actually in a domain or a workgroup. If you have a domain controller, you can create a GPO to remove and keep users out of the local administrator group. 

Hope this helps. :)
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