Recipent filtering in Exchange 2003

We are running Exchange 2003 in a single domain environment. Is it possible to filter incoming smtp messages to a certain group of Active Directory users, instead of the whole domain? The goal is to only allow incoming messages from one specified outside domain to arrive in a group of specified active directory users' exchange mailboxes.
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Well it is possible. if you have an email activated group You can select the Exchange general tab (if you have the exchange plugin installed for active directory computers and users) and select "Accept messages from everyone but" and add some exceptions. However, thats a nightmare to maintain as afaik you can only add contacts, so you have to make a new contact AD object for every address you want to add.
That is going to be messy to do.
The filtering at domain level is only at an org level, it doesn't go down to group level. As stated above, the only option is going to a pile of contacts for everything individual email address.

Another option would be a transport sink, you would need to get someone to write one for you though.

If you were using Exchange 2007 then a transport rule would probably be able to do this for you.

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