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Posted on 2009-04-23
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Last Modified: 2012-05-06
Hi EE,
I recently started working with A2003. Before worked with A2000.

I'm finding that if I
      a) have the form up in form mode
      b) then go to VBA window and write some code
      c) then go back to form, and click the design view button

I'm prompted if I want to save changes.
This prompt did not happen in A2000.
Is there a way to shut this prompt behavior off?

tx, s
Question by:mytfein
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE) earned 1500 total points
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<<I'm prompted if I want to save changes.
This prompt did not happen in A2000.
Is there a way to shut this prompt behavior off?>>
  No, it cannot be turned off or changed.  The way the VBA project file between 2000 and 2003 was changed.
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ID: 24218497
Actually, I take that back a bit. The change in the saving of the entire VBA project rather then just part was from A97 to A2000.

Author Comment

ID: 24218800
Hi Jim,
I'd like to rephrase my quest. bec. i do not remember this happening in a2000, here goes...
if i have an mdb opened as follows: form mode and vba window then:
     the windows taskbar shows:
      1) form mode
      2) vba window

Let's say that I am testing my form, and want to make more VBA changes, this is what I do:

      a)  i have the form up in form mode occupying my entire screen
      b) then click on taskbar's [VBA window] and write some code
      c) then click on taksbar 's [Access form] to go to back to form,
          and click the design view button bec. decided I ALSO WANT TO ADD ANOTHER CONTROL

                                 I'm prompted if I want to save changes.

This prompt did not happen in A2000.
                     It just switched seamlessly from from view to design view.

( A2000 would prompt me if I wanted to close the form, and had not saved changes.)

Is there a way to shut this prompt behavior off in A2003?

tx, s
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  I'm scratching my head a bit.  I tried this on a DB here in 2003 and didn't get prompted for a save of the form or code modules until I tried to close the form.  I could switch back and forth from design view to live without issue on a single form.
  I can't think of a setting through that would apply to this.
  Where are you entering the code? in a module, class module, or the forms module?

Author Comment

ID: 24358001
Hi Jim,
I must confess to getting part/time help from a friend, who is out of town...
The mdb is actually A2000 flavor that A2003  is working with.

I am getting help bec. I'm new to datasheets, subforms and tree control, and the project assigned to
me  at work lends itself to learning these concepts.

The VBA  is behind forms, modules, and class modules(he is introducing me to custom classes).
today, I created a mdb, and imported the 2 basic forms and everything else, if you'd like to test with it.
Maybe I have bugginess/corruptness in my fuller mdb.... don't know

Have uploaded the (work in progress) mdb, in case you want to have a look, tx, sandra

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ID: 24358091
Hum...well here's what I did:
1. Open the DB.
2. Open the module clsLibrary
3. Minimized the code window
4. opened the form frmStudent
5. Switched back to the code window via the task bar.
6. Pasted:
Function test()
test = Null
End Function

into the module right at the top before the first function:
Friend Function RequeryLists(ProcessForm As Object) As Boolean
7. Switched back to frmStudent via the task bar.
8. clicked the design button.
Did not get prompted to save

Author Comment

ID: 24358535
Hi Jim,

thx for testing... looks like it works for you...

I gave you a scaled down mdb... maybe my orig. mdb is "buggy"....
will rebuild orig. mdb... and see if issues go away...

tx again for taking a look, sandra
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ID: 24358616
No problem.  I'm willing to try out anything over here if you want.  As I said, I can't think of a specific setting that would cause that, so it may be something with your VBA project that is a problem.
I would create a new MDB and then import everything into it.  
If you still have the problem at that point, you can send the MDB directly to me if you would to avoid posting it to the public at large.
My other suggestion would be to update Office with the lastest service packs.  You may be tripping over a bug in Access.

Author Comment

ID: 24359035
thx JimD,

I will keep your possible offer for looking at mdb again in mind...
I want to experiment on my own a bit, as soon as i have done some more "real" work...

tx, s


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