Move 'MyDocs' on local drive Win XP

I am installling Win XP on a new drive and would like to move MyDocuments folder to another partition (such as E:).  Without active directory it does not appear that group policy is available, so how is this accomplished without redirection?   Is there a simple way ?
Thanks for your advice.
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StuartMc77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if it's just for one PC you can right click on "my documents", select properties and change the location in there.

Hope that helps.
BrainstormerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sure it is, it is actualy RUN gpedit.msc

If you want to move just your documents, right click on My Documents link in Desktop, then click Move.
lunarbeachAuthor Commented:
The setting indicated is only activated in the default menu;  it is not available in classic style.  thank you for your expert assistance.
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