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I am installing WinXP on a new drive.  As I recall, everything runs well until I add Outlook 2003 and there is a significant cost in performance.  It may be that since I am using Outook connector to access 2 or 3 web email accounts that there is log on, download, virus scan and folder sync for each account and it is just a time consuming, resource hungry process.  I would like to know if there is some optimization I can do to improve the performance of Outlook or is this just the way my 2.2Ghz AMD single core 2Gb laptop DSL channel is going to be?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello lunarbeach,

You can choose not to use Outlook Connector.  Since Hotmail has free POP3 access now, you can sue pop3.live.com to access your emails.

Disable instant messenger.  In Outlook go to Tools > Options. Click the Other tab and uncheck the box in front of "Enable Instant Messaging in Microsoft Outlook".

Disable other unneeded addons.

Hope this helps!
lunarbeachAuthor Commented:
In attempting to set up a hotmail account using live.com pop3,  I receive an error when sending a test mail.  The msg indicates that the email acocunt should be checked.  Having looked at all settings including the spelling on the email address, I find nothing mistaken.  Any ideas?  I found a couple of websites that detail the settings for the pop3 service and I think I am following them specifically.  In addition, I do not find an instant messaging option in Outlook as indicated in the Tools Options menu.
So your issue is with sending an email with Live Mail using Outlook 2003.

Your ISP may be blocking outgoing port 25.  Use alternate port 587.
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lunarbeachAuthor Commented:
My primary concern is performance of Outlook.  The recommendation to avoid use of Outlook connector is a good one and may assist me toward the end of improved performance.  So I am interested to implement pop3.  Since I have both hotmaill and msn accounts and since live.com is providing pop3 service I have attempted to configure Outlook with pop3.  

I get the same error message from port 25 and port 587.
Thanks for looking at this with me.  Any advice is most welcome.  I may call MS for some help with this error.
Check with your ISP if it is blocking port 25 and 587.  You may need to use the ISP SMTP server to send.
lunarbeachAuthor Commented:
live.com permits POP3 mail for hotmail and msn accounts.  Mail account settings are available at microsoft.com and other sites.
Though I was  unable to locate MS Messenger in Outlook, I found the pop3 recommendation a valid performance enhancement for Outlook in WinXP.  Thank you for the recommendation.
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