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Add mask to dynamicly image scroller Acionscript 3

Sorry in advance, I am a newbie to AS3!

I am looking to make a scrolling image box in Actionscript 3. It is very simple! Just an image area with a scroll bar under it. I have the scrolling image and it works good but I cant get the mask to work only as an image area.

I have posted my code below

Thank you
import fl.controls.Slider;
import fl.events.SliderEvent;
import fl.controls.Label;
import fl.containers.UILoader;
// AS3
var mc:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
mc.graphics.drawRect(120, 0, 200, 500);
mc.x = 0;
mc.y = 0;
mask = mc; 
var aSlider:Slider = new Slider();
aSlider.width = 200;
aSlider.snapInterval = 1;
aSlider.tickInterval = 10;
aSlider.maximum = 100;
aSlider.value = 1;
aSlider.move(120, 330);
var aLoader:UILoader = new UILoader();
var myImage:image = new image();
aLoader.scaleContent = false;
aSlider.addEventListener(SliderEvent.THUMB_DRAG, changeHandler);
function changeHandler(event:SliderEvent):void {
          aLoader.x = event.value * 5;

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1 Solution
mask = mc;  is not correct.
After adding your mask and scroller to the stage use:
aSlider.mask = mc;
by the way I suggest you to rename mc to sliderMask or smth. like that to have a understandable code...

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