Obtain XP driver for HP Laserjet 1320

Every page I go to, including HP, to download an XP driver for Laserjet 1320 printer comes up with "cannot display" or equiv.  This is weird.
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I just downloaded the "HP Laserjet 1320 PCL5 Driver", the "HP Laserjet 1320 plug and play print solution driver", and the "HP Laserjet 1160/Laserjet 1320 North American and Western European Full Printing Solution" from here:


All of them download just fine.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I went to hp.com -> support and drivers -> and navigated to the HP 1320 drivers. I saw a PCL5 and PCL 6 driver and could download either. I looked through other downloads and could download them.

1. Your web browser privacy and security options are not allowing hp.com?
2. Your antivirus/firewall does not allow hp.com?
3. Not likely, but not impossible, your ISP is blocking it? Try on another computer at another ISP
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