Removing Google Chrome from terminal server

Some of my users have installed google chrome onto my 2003 terminal server. The google updater.exe can take as much as 30% of the processor time and it's installed for each user that has chrome installed. When I try to uninstall it as the user that installed it I get a message telling me that the user does not have sufficient rights to uninstall the program (it's funny that they had sufficient rights to install it though). When I try to uninstall it as administrator it tells me that I don't have rights to uninstall it. If I login as administrator google chrome doesn't even show up in the list of installed programs and it's not on my start menu any where. How do I get this crazy thing off the server??
Tony TurnerIT MangerAsked:
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ComputerTechieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

Make sure user is logoff get password from them.
Logon as them and change password temporary.
Give the user temporary Admin level Access
Logon as user again

Install Chrome and exit Chrome
Delete the user data profile from C:\Documents and
Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome
Launch uninstaller
Click ok in confirmation dialog

Return user to Proper Rights.
Change Password Back.

Tony TurnerIT MangerAuthor Commented:
The answer provided was pretty good but he required you to do more steps than you need to. All I had to do was;
Log the user off
give them admin rights
log them back on and uninstall Chrome
log off
change their rights back to the previous level
then let them logon again

That fixed the issue.

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