Remove extra carriage returns in Visio

Oftentimes (though not always), when I type text in Visio, the system inserts a blank line of text after whatever I typed. This throws off the vertical alignment. How can I stop Visio from doing this?
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Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
Aha -- now I see what' going on...

The shapes in question are organization chart shapes. This type of shape is designed to display two pieces of information -- a name and a title. The "intelligence" built into the shape assumes you'll enter the title right after entering the name.

You can see further evidence of this if you right-click on any of the boxes and select Show Divider Line. The line that appears is the separator between what the shape expects will be a person's name above and a title below. For one more bit of proof, right click a shape and choose Data/Shape Data... You'll see that the titles you've entered are actually in the Name field.

So -- if you want to use org chart shapes, you're stuck with this behavior as far as I know. If you want boxes that have a title centered both horizontally and vertically, just draw a box and add text to it.
Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
What might be happening is that you sometimes (but not always) press the Enter key when you are finished typing text. This makes sense in many applications in which Enter signifies end of entry or end of line. However, in a Visio text box, Enter is just another text character that moves the cursor to the next line.

Consequently, you just need to get into the habit of not typing Enter after you finish entering text -- just click anywhere outside the text edit area to "close" the text edit function.

BTW, as you've probably noticed, if you do type an Enter by mistake, you can just press Backspace to remove it.
calyx_terenAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately that's not it. I don't press Enter at the end of the line. When the blank line appears anyway, I have tried to remove it by pressing Delete (from the upper line) or Backspace (from the blank line) many times. It appears to fix the problem when I do that, but as soon as I click outside of the box, the blank line is right back again.
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Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:

I'm not aware of any circumstance under which Visio would arbitrarily insert extra characters. I know you said it doesn't happen consistently, but do you any shapes for which it happens every time? If so, can you post a document that I can look at?

NOTE: For historical reasons, Experts Exchange doesn't allow upload of Visio files (*.vsd), consequently, you will need to change the file extension of the attachment to .txt before you can upload it.
calyx_terenAuthor Commented:
Okay. Here's a sample page with the VSD extension changed to TXT.
In Visio, you can still use the Organizational Chart Shapes and remove the return characters that appear as a "title" placeholder.

Under "Org Chart" in the ribbon, Organizational Data category, click on "Display Options."  Under the "Fields" tab, there are options for what text to include.  If you just want plain text, uncheck the box for "Title" and leave only the "Name" option selected.  This will allow you to align your text appropriately without the extra paragraph that is created for the title entry.

Aundria GottfriedCommented:
This "Display Options" check mark solved the same extra line issue I was having! Thank you.
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