Dell Power Edge 2650 w/ Perc 3/DI Controller

I noticed one of my dell power edge servers had a amber light blinking lon the front of one of the drives. Also on the LCD display it indicated one of the drives have failed. I took the drive out and put the drive back in and booted the server back up.

When the server booted back up the hard drive stopped blinking amber and returned to the normal green. It has been running for a couple weeks now and the lights are still green. The small LCD screen on the front the server flashes that a drive is bad. Does this need to be reset?

When I open up the Dell Server Administrator and browse to the Storage section it indicates "No Raid Controller Found" On the other servers with the same configuration I can view the Array Config.

If you look at the front of the server all the drives are green and blinking at the same time when data is written. There is no errors in the windows event viewer about anything related to a controller or HD. Is this something I should investigate further? How can I get the Dell Server Administator to view the Raid Controller?

Please help!
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victorjones1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Download & run the Dell DSET Utility:

Choose to Gather then clear Dell Hardware Log only

This should clear up that screen error
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