linksys vpn (gateway to gateway) 1 ip fix 1 dynamic

I have two linksys RV042 and I need two link them.

the twist of the story is the one is dinamic and one static.
if i put the ip i have at that moment on the settings it works but time warner does not give you fixed ip for some reason.

Any quick solutions for the issue?
I try dyndns but does not work.

Thank you for your support!
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Forrest BurrisCommented:
if dyndns doesnt work (which it shouldnt cuz its host based and not ip based).. then you're out of luck. there are no extra options with the rv042 that let you work with dhcp. vpn to vpn routers are meant to be static
sansevieriAuthor Commented:
Thank you now i can stop trying on move on!

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