Changing Reply to Address for another domain

We recently set up another email domain and the email is coming in fine. However we want people to easily be able to change thier reply to address to reply to those emails. Here is the scenerio. All Exchange users have thier reply to addresses set to Only when an email comes in addressed to, we want them to be able to reply as I know they can go into account settings and make some changes there, but we'd like to either add a button with a script or something a bit more seamless.
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Steven WellsSystems AdministratorCommented:
I think the problem you will have is the reply address is set by the primary address of the account.
The work around would be to have another account setup which that person has SEND AS rights so they can add that as the from field, but then replies would go to that account.

You would be better off having your new domain as primary and always send from new domain name.
It is not possible for users to choose which email address their messages come from using native tools. As far as Exchange is concerned all users only have one email address - the default. All outbound email will go out with that email address. Any other email addresses are just aliases, and are for inbound email only.

If you want to choose addresses then you are looking at either multiple accounts and the from field, or a third party tool called Choose From from

Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:
Hello Advtis,

I'm not certain at this point but if you are interested in reply then it might be possible to set the replyto address via a macro at the time of sending ... will that help?

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AdvtisAuthor Commented:
Setting the reply to address at the time of sending via macro would be a great solution if that would work.
Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:

Unfortunately I have trying to make this work and the nearest I can get is to find a set of emails in the same conversation group.  Whilst a lot of the time it would probably make the link to identify a need to switch, I haven't been able to figure out a way to do so reliably.

Therefore I apologise for raising your hopes!

It is also possible that it is possible to intersect the reply buttons and do it that way but that's not something I feel comfortable with at the moment, so again my apologies.

AdvtisAuthor Commented:
I was hoping for a magic solution, but Steven was correct that this is the only reliable and free way to accomplish what we are trying to do.
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