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I am trying to configure the item list on sales order when you press F2 button for every user in the company. I know that i have to use the User Lookup Wizard but i cant seem to find the one for Sales Order. I know that for inventory maintance and invenotry inquiry it is IM5 and IM9- Inventory Master List, but im trying to find the one for sales order.  I need to make default stuff like pricing, total quanity on hand, page number and such.. I just need to know the name of which one i should make this under.  Sorry this sound kind of confusing. Any help is appricated
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You question is little confusing.  Are you trying to list the items on Sales Orders within SalesOrder Inquiry, or just a list of open sales orders.  The Sales Order Detail File on Legacy Versions is SO2.  Newest version is a Named File  SO_ORDER_DETAIL... etc.
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