SonicWall NSA 4500

I'm currently looking for a firewall that allows VPN connection.  I was thinking of SonicWall NSA4500.  What does it mean when the specification says 500 VPN clients.  Does this mean that it can accept 500 VPN connection simultaneously?  Does it require sepearate license per connections?

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SonicOS Version:Enhanced
Base Hardware:NSA 4500
Stateful Throughput:2.75 Gbps
UTM Performance Throughput:600 Mbps
Maximum Connections:450,000
3DES/AES Throughput:1.0 Gbps
Site-to-Site VPN Policies:1,500

Bundled Global VPN Client:500 (3,000 Max) (500 come with it 3,000 Max) (So if you want more then 500 then yes you have to licenses more)

Bundled SSL VPN Licenses:2 (30 Max) (If you want ssl vpn)

Load Balancing/WAN ISP Failover:Feature Included
Interfaces:(6) 10/100/1000 Copper Gigabit Ports

Gateway AV/SPY/IP Service:1-Year Subscription (Will have to be renewed after one year if you want to keep these services)

Content Filtering Service:Optional Upgrade (Website filtering have to add subscription)

Viewpoint Reporting:Optional Upgrade
Warranty/Support:1-Yr hardware/90 day support, firmware updates
THe 4500 specs, in re VPNs, boil down to
- you can have up to 1500 site to site VPN tunnels at once.
- you can have up to 3000 remote client VPN tunnels at once.
- you get 500 GVPN licence "seats" included with the unit

If you want more than 500 licences for the remote client (Global VPN) software, you need to buy extra seats - it's not massivly expensive. The first 500 are included.

You don't need to pay ANYTHING else to use the 2500 site to site VPNs (except you need another Sonicwall or compatoible IPSec VPN host at the far end of each link . of course.)

DO PLEASE note the total VPN throughput !!   The total throughput of the unit is 2.75gbit/second but it will only allow for 1gbit/sec of 3DES/AES VPN traffic, because of the encrpyt/decrypt overhead. IF that's not ENOUGH you can increase this by using less complex encryption... or buy buyng the faster NSA5000 box. :-)

Also  - depends what you need the VPN for of course - but lots of folk are moving towards SSL_VPN these days. If that would suit your application then get a more basic Sonicwall NSA and add a Sonicwall SSL_VPN appliance to handle the VPN.

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