Album artwork getting sucked up

I have already looked at

Say I have audio books A, B, and C. Each of them is a 4 part audiobook.

When I look at them by Album scroll list, I see 4 of A, 4 of B, 4 of C. Tracking?

So, I right-click on on the 4 parts of A, choose Get Info, and then group these together as parts of a compilation. I am trying to have album view only show ONE artwork per book . . . .and this appears to work for Book A. Only one picture of the Album cover shows. Great. So, I proceed and do the same with B and C.

Here's where it gets funky.

I choose the 4 parts of B in Album view, get info, say Yes to compilation and . . . in the Album view the 4 parts of B get sucked into A. Now, according to the Album View, A is composed of 8 parts. What's odd is the correct artwork still shows in the Selected Item Window, but the artwork for Book A now has both A and B in the Album View list. I try it with C, and A ***** that one up as well.

And by the way I tunes Windows XP SP3, 2GB ram. It's killing me the way it freezes. Has been happening ever since I left version 7.  It doesn't FREEZE.  It just seems to ignore my mouse clicks when it is doing something else.  This has gotta be killing others as well?? I need relief.
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xemaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think the problem is that iTunes thinks that all of the files from the same author are part of a compilation.
If you read my first coment the problem lies in the information of each file, you need a unique identifier for each book that will be the key to create the compilation.
To your first question
Does the "album" name is the same?
Most likely there are some fields under the information card that are the same in all of your files so iTunes consider them part of the same compilation
As for the second question,
With the arrival of iPhone itunes loads new services like bonjour and other that I don't recall the name for the phone. If you have a firewall or certain security options they could be interfereing with iTunes.
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Actually, I just realized that since Audible calls different tracks "Title, Part 1", "Title, Part 2" etc . . .  then you are right. They will never be united under one cover normally until the name is modified be the same. So, thanks for that.  But that doesn;t tell me how to undo what I have done.  I have removed the compilation setting (Which wasn;t the proper use of it anyway, I realize) and the artwork is still messed up as I describe above.
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One by one change the part you need to change, change the art work, meke them a compilation. Repeat for each compilation.  Thet will re write the information on each file.
MixmangleAuthor Commented:

Picture worth 1000 words.  Look at the attached picture.
 The picture in the Selected Item in the lower left is as it should be. As I change titles, the picture changes. It remains the same thru different parts to the same title. It looks normal there.
 But from the item selected to the top item you see in the list, they now all have Eye of the World cover art in the Browse view. Actually there are now 37 parts that have all been sucked up in the same cover art (according to the browse window.
 Nothing I do to group, "un compilation", re-paste cover art changes whast shwos up in the Cover art Browse view.        

Since Audile,com breaks larger books down to multiple parts

Name1, part 1
Name1, Part 2  
etc . . .

It made sense that I originally saw more than one cover art in Album cover art browse. But I wanted to somehow group them and I tried with Compilation.  When I did, it was actually adding each of the subsequent books and it's part to the first book I did this to. Maybe that doesn;t make sense to you. But the picture should.   For whatever "track you click on, you would see the correct cover art in Selected Info Window but the Eye of the World cover art in the browse.

One question
Did you erase the "old" image before pasting the new one?
You may have two images, one linked to the file the other is linked to the compilation. The big puicture is from the "album" compilation, the small is the one from the file.
One thing I notice is that the author is the same for the two samples but i'm missing the name of the "album" book.
If you link the files under an "album and un check the compilation it may work
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Actually, all I ever did for these was click on the Compilation.  I never pasted anything. That's what I mean about the subsequent

books getting sucked in under the first book (in terms of the browse picture).

I started with Eye of the world Audio book with 4 parts.  I was trying to get just one single cover art to show up in the flip window.  It worked just fine.  So then I went to the next Audiobook. I highlighted all 4 parts, went to compilations and then said yes.  

Most of the WOT book covers look a bit similar and I never realize that, every time I selected a new audiobook and "comples" it, they were being sucked in under the Eye of the World. They all show correct in the Selected Item Window . . . but the 4 pieces of correct coverart disapeared and the 4 parts were "sucked" into Eye of the World
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Ah, now that makes sense. The ipod merge utility provided by doesn't use Album for anything, so it make's sense I Tines is trying to take a stab at it. That also explains why It just kept adding the additional files to the same picture.

I have a lot of Robert Jordon audiobooks.  Your idea might not hold if there were more than his books that were sucked in under that one cover. But maybe it was just his, because that is all I was initially working on.

Of course, if there's more than just titles by him sucked in like that, the problem is something else.  I'll be back in front of that box this evening. I will let you know. Good thinking!
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
I can see saying "Were not going to give it ALBUM info. It's a audiobook, not music!" But you were right. It maintained correct although duplicate cover art at foirst because Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc . . . But when I started Compiling books by the same author . . . . The only real identifyer was the Authors's Name so ist started stacking them all up under one cover art for that one author.

The moment I went in to Get Info on all parts of the same Audiobook and typed in Book name . . . .One copy of the correct cover art would magically appear.

It's all cleaned up now. Thanks
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