Power user account in Server 2003

We are running on Server 2003 standard and one of our workstations for various reasons is required to run a power user or administrator account.  I did not see a power user account type for domain users but did for the local machine.  Is there not a power user account type for domain users?
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stin27Author Commented:
Excellent -- couldn't seem to find this when searching so thanks for the link.
If I understand your question correctly, you are trying to add "domain users" into the local workstation's "Power Users" group; correct?  If so, you can either do this manually through the local "compmgmt.mcs" Computer Management interface or you can do it through a domain-level group policy (GPO) by adding the user to a "restricted group".  The domain-level process will give the user the access to all of the workstations that the GPO applies to.  The beauty of using the GPO is that you never have to touch the workstations and you can add and remove users from the group at the click of your mouse.
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