Windows Media Center Decoder Error

I just reinstalled my OS after working for 4 years (it got so bogged down with extra stuff that reformatting was the easiest soltuion).  I installed all of the updates except for SP3.  Now when I try to watch something recorded in Media Center, I get this error:
'Decoder Error
The video decoder has either malfunctioned or is not installed.'
I've updated all of the drivers.  I saw this error one other time when I installed SP3 (that is why I'm avoiding it now), but don't know what could be causing it now.  Any suggestions?
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Blizz127Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you're missing the codecs for video, download divx and xvid

those are the two common codecs
atuccilloAuthor Commented:
I just installed both of those and restarted... still no luck.
atuccilloAuthor Commented:
Ok, I got it fixed.  I had to install PowerDVD, and there was a windows update that was affecting it.  Thanks for your help.
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