WSS 3.0 Sharepoint Admin Gone bad

After having an issue listed here go unanswered

I resorted to a method found here:

"I had the same problem and for me worked this:
MOSS admin -> alternate access mappings and from there internal URL and external URL to the same

HTTP 302 is redirection code and in sharepoint alternate access mapping default zone was http://intranet and internet zone was
Changed default zone to and problem solved for me..
PS! also did redirection in IIS from http://intranet to

PPS! I wanted to use HTTPS you don't have to..


Only I messed up and didnt read all the way through and ending up mapping my admin to same local url as my deafult site, which is "http://server2". Now my Sharepoint 3.0 Central Administration looks like my default site only with the default blue template and it lacks the Operations and Applicaton Management tabs on top. I was hoping to restore this with STSADM, but i um unable to find the right command for the job. Please help me on my way to recover my WSS 3.0 admin.
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