MS Volume Shadow Copy Service always stopping

Dear all
I'm looking after several Win2003 Ent. Servers.
On 3 of these Servers I've got a problem with the Volume Shadow Copy Service. 1 Server is running on Server 2003 Ent x64 SP2, the other 2 Servers are running Server 2003 Ent x86 SP1(The Problem is, that I can't update to SP2 at the Moment)!
I can start the service and it is running fine. Over night there's a Backup running on these Servers (Mondy-Thursday Inc, Friday Full)
But usually the other morning Backup Exec returns an Error that Backup has Completed with Execeptions because Volume Shadow Copy Service is not running on these Machines. When I check Services the Service has stopped and in the eventlog there is nothing special for this Problem.
Would be great if someone can help me!
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maxargConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi mz_claridenleu,

you are welcome.

If you install new Hardware/SO take in consideration to fully update your Windows, in order to get all the  hot-fixes for VSS.

Hi mz_claridenleu

If you can't upgrade the servers to SP2, try this fixes:

There is a lot of issues related to VSS, I'm dealing with this for the last two months.

mz_claridenleuAuthor Commented:
Hi maxarg

sorry for the delay of my answer!
i could finally install sp2 on these servers.
unfortunately without any change to the problem.

but due to the fact that these servers where setup long time ago and therefore they will fall out of lifecycle we decided to go for new hardware and install new os.
i hope the problem will be solved then!

thanks for your input
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