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repopulate primary key after linq to sql delete

Hi There experts,
I'm new to linq. I've got a delete function working in my windows form app using c# linq to sql to remove a row from my database. It works fine, I was just wondering if there was an easy way to reorder the primary key of the table the record was deleted from after the delete. by which i mean, currently if i have 3 records and i delete record number 2 then i will be left with a record with an id of 1 and a record with an id of 3. Is there a way to make the id's re-order themselves so in the above scenario when record 2 was deleted record 3 would now have an id of 2?
1 Solution
This has nothing to do with Linq really, and resides more in SQL.

Since your 'id' is a primary key, it is made automatically, and will *never* increment backwards.  Also, it can not be changes unless you take away the PRIMARY KEY and IDENTITY properties that you assigned to it, change the number, then re-assign those properties to the column - BAD IDEA!

I don't really see the application of this as you could always  programmatically generate the number in the sequence if you needed to.

But, what I would recommend if you *really* think you need this is to make another field as a psuedo-id that is a simple INT and use that one to keep your order.
JazzuaAuthor Commented:
cheers :)

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