Possible DNS problems with Active Directory 2008

Hello all,

I am currently implementing Active Directory into my office. Yesterday I accidentally named 2 pcs the same and strangely it didn't give me an error. So far the pcs still work well and policies and so on also going well.

Since then though I cannot remotely connect or manage those pcs anymore. I have removed both pcs from the domain and rejoined them with their proper names. Problem still stands and this morning I noticed I cannot connect to other machines although not all (yet).

I'm wondering if I have caused some hidden problem which will come back and plague me in the long run. Can anyone advise on the situation.

I am using Windows 2008 Standard and all the users are using redirected profiles.

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On you Windows 2008 Server, go into Administrative Tools and choose DNS. Drill down into your server... Forward Lookup Zones... Your Domain... In the right hand pane you will see a list of DNS records for all the machines on you network (these are host records (A)). Find the names of the machines you are having issues with and delete them.

You machines should re-register their names in DNS again with the correct IP address.
You can also force your client machines to register in DNS by loading a command prompt on the client machines and using the following command:-

ipconfig /registerdns

You should then see the machines appear again in DNS.
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