Is there a way to use cached credentials without having the users roaming profile?

I would like to use cached credentials on company laptops, however I have tried this and it take the user profile to the laptop as well.  I do not need a profile on the laptop as the user must log in to the network via VPN to work on their files.

Is there a method for caching the logon credentials but n ot the profile.  The users log into desktop machines when in the office so they have a roaming profile attached to them.

Any help greatfully received.
EricIT Systems and Asset ManagerAsked:
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And use encrypted "offline files" to store a local copy on the laptop
Is the "My Documents" folder contained within the profile?
Is the problem that it takes to long to transfer this folder to the laptop that's working remotely?
If so then redirect the "My Documents" folder to a share which they will access via the VPN.
If I am reading your question correctly you are asking if there is a way that their profile is not kept on the laptop; you only want to only cache their login credentials.  This is not possible for a regular laptop as far as I know.  The profile is always copied or created on the local computer.  If you want to shut off roaming profiles for the laptop that is possible by going into control panel and system, advanced, user profile and change that user from roam to local.
EricIT Systems and Asset ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you help, all good ideas.
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