Cross Browser Compatibality Testing

Hi, i design and build web sites and i am wondering if there is a better way to test for cross browser compatibility. I have FF3 and IE6 on my laptop and then i have IE7 on my PC. I have to keep flicking between the two to test each site which can be very time consuming.

I have heard there is various ways of opening a IE6 tab in IE7 and other methods BUT do they really work that well.

Does anyone have a professional method of being able to test in various browsers from 1 PC,

thanks in advance
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myderrickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Testing for IE use IE tester - Download here ( IE5.5, 6, 7, 8) - - This is awesome.

Firefox will be ok in firefox 3.0 (download the IE renderer - You don't need this if you have IE tester)
Chrome is Chrome
Safari is Safari.

You are good to go.

NicoJuicyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Acually, i design websites 2 and also i have to check browsers.

What i do is first create it in opera (as opera is the best browser), then i look for fault's in firefox (mostly ain't going to happen).
Then i tune the websites voor Internet Explorer 8,7,6.

If the browsers can't cooperate on 1 system, i start my windows XP image created with virtual pc.

There is always a directory shared here where my websites are and then i open them with the browsers installed on that image.
David S.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Standalone versions of IE do have some bugs. I do fine them useful for testing, but use Virtual PC as well.

There is a trick to get multiple versions of Firefox to run at the same time:
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