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I have a Vista 64 bit, 8 gig RAM system but it seems slow.  I am attaching a Snagit picture of Task Manager.  Could anyone tell me if you see something unusual (ie, Cached ram and Free, etc)?  It is slow sometimes when I only have one job up.


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pkjesusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The memory usage looks decent for 8GB RAM and 117 processes running.

The reason for the slowness can also be some process that's draining the CPU.
Please monitor your CPU Usage - if it constantly goes up and down, go to the Processes tab and click CPU Usage to sort the processes by CPU usage. That will tell you if a process is using more CPU than it should.

A very fragmented hard drive can also be a cause for slowness.
Try to go in CMD (run as administrator), type chkdsk /r and let it do any repairs it needs.

I would also check if the hard drive is fragmented&defrag it (in case it's fragmented).
 You can use Windows Defragmenter, or even better, this tool:


Let me know how that goes.
Are you running 64bit or 32bits jobs when you find it slow ?
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