Publishing of Lotus Domino in Internet

Hi Experts,
We have the competency in Installing Lotus Domino 8.0 in Active-Active Cluster mode,however we dont know how to Publish Lotus Domino in Internet for sending mails to other domain.Moreover we would like to know how to Publish Domino Web Access in Internet.

We know some mail gateway is required for sending mails from Lotus Domino to Internet and vice-versa,but dont know the exact details.
Please let us know how to achieve it and any configuration documents for the same will be really helpful.

Thanks and regards
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
First remark: your network has a problem. The address-range 172.12.*.* is not a private Internet range, so you might have a problem there if one of your contacts has a public Internet IP-address in that range. The ranges 172.16.*.* to 172.31.*.* are private.

> I have already made one SMTP connection document
> and one foreign SMTP document required for domino publishing.
I suppose you mean one SMTP Connection document and one Foreign SMTP Domain document. You also need to set up a Global Domain document and a Configuration document.

> Now my question is what will be my network configuration and where should I give this public IP?
You don't have to change your network configuration (although it would be better to use a private network range). You do not have to give the public IP anywhere, maybe in the router that's connected to the outside line but even that may not be required (unless you have multiple public IP-addresses).

You have to enable the SMTP-listener task, in the server's Server document. On the Basics tab, enable Mail routing, and enable SMTP listener task. All ports are defined in the Server document and in the Configuration document. You need to specify your FQHN for the server, also on the Basics tab.

By the way, all there is to know about setting up a Domino server is in the Admin Help database. It really is VERY complete.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Domino can handle Internet mail all by itself, no gateway required. See the Admin Help database on SMTP. Set the server as router, also for Internet mail, and enable the SMTP receiver process.
pageastAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply sir,
So,if we give a Public IP directly to the Lotus Domino server and make an MX record it should be able to send and receive mails,is that right?
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Indeed, but you have to be careful doing so. Try it first in your internal network, using Outlook or Thunderbird. Once that works, you can open the SMTP port(s) to the outside world. But leave all the others closed, for now. Then test from the outside world directly to the IP-address and port you made available, also using Outlook. You may have to change some parameters in the Domino server to make that work. Then you're ready to add the MX record.

You can even use Domino as an HTTP-server. Or IMAP or POP3.
pageastAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.The following is my network scenario:
Suppose, my lan configuration is : lan ip:
                                     :subnet mask:
                                     :default gateway:
                                     :Preferred DNS server:
                                     :Alternate DNS server:
I have one public ip:
I have already made one SMTP connection document and one foreign SMTP document required for domino publishing.Now my question is what will be my network configuration and where should I give this public IP?
And also my organisation blocks any mail destined to gmail,yahoo,etc.Our organisation's network team is ready to open the ports,firewall or gateway needed to publish the domino in Internet to send and receive mails from external domains like gmail and The only thing they want to know is how to route the mail and what are the ports,firewall or gateway needed to open.
Please let us know how to achieve it.
Thanks in advance.
pageastAuthor Commented:
Thanks bosman;
It worked,we changed the lan IP to 172.18.*.* and did the necessary settings in the Domino server.
Now we are able to send mails to other domains like and

However,we have a question,we have configured the webmail for our domino server,and it can be opened from LAN.What needs to be done to access it from Internet (we mean to say how do we publish the webmail in internet)?

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You have to add a port mapping for the HTTP-port (80) to your router/firewall, and maybe for other ports as well, so external users who connect to port 80 on the external server are routed through to the Domino server.
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