ASP Net one row per page report.rdlc layout?

I am building a vb net ASP net application in VS2008 and trying to configure the report.rdlc item to display one row per page of my datasource
The data is basically competition submissions, I need to be able to export the submissions so they are laid out as one/two pages per submission.

Have been playing around with the report designer in VS and have found most progress with the List control but am struggling.

Be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Ta in advance,

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GiftsonDJohnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Add a group to your report and use the following expression to group on:

=Floor((RowNumber(Nothing) - 1) / 1)

Also set the 'Page break at and' property for the group.
nellster1000Author Commented:

Many thanks!
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