I'm trying to DCPromo a server 2003 Domain Controller to remove it from AD and Im receiving two error messages. One I have attached as a BMP file. I get the BMP file error first then after hitting ok I see the following

The operation failed because:
Active Directory could not transfer the remaining data in directory partition DC=msek,DC=com to domain controller MSEK-3-DC2.msek.com.
"The Active Directory cannot replicate with this server because the time since the last replication with this server has exceeded the tombstone lifetime."

What steps should i take to remove this server from AD.
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EkuskowskiAuthor Commented:
We have been running some tests on the server

DCDIAG, replication tests (replmon), and funny all the tests passed. But everytime we ran dcpromo we would have the same problems.

We made no setting changes but for some reason DCPROMO worked this time. So now my DC has been removed and no longer shows up in sites and services

So my issue is now resolved , thank you all for your help
bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
Did you have replication issues with this DC (well it looks like you did, for about 60 days by the sounds of it)? Were you aware of any issues? Is the other server still up and running?
How many other DCs are there on the network, and where do your FSMO roles lie? My only reservation is that if you've been making changes on this DC which haven't been replicated, then you remove this DC forcibly you're going to lose those changes.
To remove a failed DC from AD you will need to perform a metadata cleanup : http://www.petri.co.il/delete_failed_dcs_from_ad.htm, but I would first try to troubleshoot the replication issues.
has this server been offline for quite some time (more than 60 days)?
If so, you'd better shut down (disconnect from the network) it immediately and manually remove it from your AD
EkuskowskiAuthor Commented:
No changes would have been made on this Domain controller.
The domain controller was and is having replication problems. I see errors dating back 4 months.
The server has no FSMO roles.
We have 4 other Domain controllers at this time, but are planning on retiring/ demoting two of them.
The other servers are not having replication issues

If I forcibly remove the server, will all remnants of the DC be removed from AD ?
I'll review the two links the two of you provided.

bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
I think both links refer to the same process.
If you follow this link to remove the server, then all remnants will be removed from AD, but I would be careful that you haven't been making changes on this DC that will be lost. I would imagine you would have come across problems before now if this was the case (users not being able to log on etc), but I would check to be sure.
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