Backup Exec 12 / Exchange 2007 - Daily incremental backups seem to be full backups every day

We currently have a Sunday night weekly backup and a daily incremental (Mon-Sat) backup on our Exchange Info Store. Lately we have noticed that the daily backups are 2 fiels, one of 100 GB and another of 30GB+. Our max capacity per file is set at 100GB per file which explains the 2 files per daily backup. Why is our daily backup not backing up the difference between the file from Monday, and the one from Tuesday and so on. Instead, it seems as if it is taking a full backup every day.
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arnoldo83Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Back in April I contacted Dell and they helped through reconfiguring the Exchange server. We had information stores that were not replicating correctly on our CCR environment and seems like that caused the issue with BackupExec not backing up the info store correctly. It now does a daily backup for incremental email that is 1-3 GB and a full weekly backup.
Backup Exec incremental backups don't backup part of a changed file, they backup any file that has changed since the last incremental or full in its entirety.  Since your Exchange database changes each time an email is received/sent, or an appointment is changed, or anything like that, the whole file changes, so backup exec backs up the whole thing.

You should only be performing full backups on an Exchange server anyway.  That way the logs get purged.  You may need to split your backups, use multiple tapes, or find another backup solution.
arnoldo83Author Commented:
We have two different exchange environments, and on our other one, it does do incremental correctly and then a weekly. The information store on that other exch environment is 98GB of data and the daily backups are between 1-3 GB daily. Then the weekly seems to be adding them up to last weeks. This other exchange environment has the exact same setup as the one were our daily backups seem to be a full backup of the info store every day instead of just the incremental.
I stand corrected about incrementals, Exchange, and Backup Exec.

This may explain why it is backing up more, and probably slower than expected.
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