Setup Printing on Wyse V10L Terminal with Citrix XenApp

We currently have a citrix Xenapp Farm. All the users have XP desktopswith PNAgent installed and we publish them apps based on their group membership in Win 2003 AD.
We have network printers that are setup with an IP Address. All the printers are HP Laser jets 4350 or 4250. So when we are setting up a new user, we setup a "LOCAL Printer with a new TCP/IP Port" on that user's desktop and do the usual and setup the printer on that machine. SO when the user opens a published app, citrix sees the printer and all is well.
We started to test a Wyse V10L terminal and i would like to know what would be best way to setup printers for this. I don't mind doing the manual process as we only will have about 15-20 terminals but if someone knows of a better way to do this, that would be great.
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pfcjokerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Excellent, then indeed your setup is easy. First I'd open the Admin guide here:

You'll want to review chapter 10, but specifically what you wan to setup is policy based printing which can be found starting on page page 252 "Assigning Network Printers through the Session Printer Policy"

This will allow you to create a printer set for specific servers/users/groups or any combo of these parameters to meet your needs.
If your users print directly from their thin client this won't help, but if all you are worried about is Citrix printing you can import the print server (or even add the printer by IP as a local Printer on the Citrix server and make sure users have rights to print to it) and that is a one time setup on the Citrix Server/Farm to resolve the issue regardless of the amount of clients you deploy.

Which version of Citrix are you running?
icsctechAuthor Commented:
We are on XenApp 4.5. All i am looking to do is to do Citrix Based printing from these terminals.
I also configured the WNOS.ini file to look at my PNLiteServer and when the terminal powers up, it looks for the user name and password for the user that they have on AD. Once they put in the credentials, they see all their citrix based apps on the desktop. So All i am looking to do is to have their printers available to them in their citrix sessions.

BUT how can i only have a printer in accounting be available to a user in accounting??
icsctechAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I will take a look a this in few mins.....

Just curious, do you us WYSE Terminals yourself?
If yes, any suggestions on models we should look at and any special settings in WNOS.ini file to make it run smoother
I've used WYSE before, but primarily I've worked with HP Thin Clients - as for exact settings as far as I know there weren't really performance related configs in the ini file, though I could be wrong (or thinking of older versions) - you might want to try asking a new question in the Thin Client section - there are bound to be some good WYSE thin client experts floating around in there.
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