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MyBook World Edition II - IP Address Problems

I really hate my Western Digital MyBook World Edition II drives!

1) The transfer rate that I have experienced has been REALLY slow and I don't know why.

So, I took one of the unit home to try it on my lightly loaded network or hook it up USB.

After discovering that the Unit has an A female USB port on the back, going out to stores to find an A Male to A-Male USB cable, not being able to find one, going home and doing more reading, I discovered that the USB port is for drive expansion only.  How frustrating.

OK, so I try to hook it up on my home network.  The net at the office is the usual and the device was setup on  My home network is  So I add a secondary address to my machine.  After adding the secondary address I can access the drive.  It's still transferring painfully slow.

So, just to make sure it's not an issue with adding a secondary IP to my notebook, I decide to setup the MyBok to an address on my LAN.  So, I set the drive to and I have trouble accessing it, by browsing with Run - \\ from my annoying Vista Home notebook.

So, I decided to reset the thing because it supposed to default to DHCP.  Again no access for file sharing.  I go into the browser config mode and realize that the workgroup is set to the workgroup that I use at the office.  So, I change the workgroup to the one I use at home.  Finally, I can access the file shares.  And, it's still ridiculously slow for transferring files.

So, after all of that I disconnect the unit and tell it good f--'n night!!

BAck to work in the AM....

So, I come in the next morning, hookup the drive which is supposed to be on DHCP and can't locate it on the network.

I know the MAC address and link speed and such from looking at the port in my switch.  The thing is linked and I know I have the right MAC address since I wrote it down yesterday and compared it this AM.

I scanned the network with Angry IP Scanner and did not find an address that made sense.  So, after using Angry, I went to command prompt and did an ARP -a.  I don't see the MAC address in the table.  

I have tried resetting the thing, according to WD's manual and other instructions I founf on Google.

I tried plugging the unit in to the same switch that my PC is plugged into. And still no success.

Before I just slam it on the floor, other than saying "it's broken", does anyone have any experiences - similar - that they may have been able to resolve?

If you have had the same experience with slow transfer, I am looking for info on that too since I have another one of these that is till working - believe it or not.

What a piece of S---!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for any help,
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1 Solution
Are you running USB 2.0?

The only time I ever have slow transfers is when the drive defaults to usb 1.x instead of usb 2.0

Sometimes, (When I've used the incorrect cable) it will do this.

DocSiteMikeAuthor Commented:
This is running over Gigabit Ethernet.  According to what I've read, the USB port does not work for attaching to a PC - just for storage expansion.

Typical speed should be about 12.5 Megabytes per second. (slow but, Typical)

(You typical network connection is your limiting factor.)

(Sorry, I have a 2 TB Mybook Mirror. (I get about 80 Megabytes per second transfer at usb 2.0)
I have it networked and have a throughput from the network of about 30 Megabytes/second thru my windows computer on the network. (the 1 GB/S is my limiting factor)

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