Netwoking challenge

Hardware at my disposal
2 laptops, with working battteries and wireless. an air card and a Logitec pro 9000 webcam

The challenge
Record and film animals (feral hogs) feeding from a feeder.
There is a large pin/cage/trap used to catch and castrate young hogs that i can use to set a laptop and camera.   A natural blind is about 50 yards from the feeder and trap where I can hide and set up the second laptop.  I would like to be able to remotely control the camera laptop from the blind. There isnt a power source(in the middle of the woods, so i cant set up a router to create network.  I speculate that i could set up workgroup with static ips, but it doesnt seem right in my minds eye with out a device (switch or router) to connect the the two devices.
Maybe i could create a workgroup, have the camera laptop point to the blind laptop as a gateway??  Anyways i know i can set this up in my house and test all the variables out, but thought someone might enjoy thinking this through with me, and maybe suggest something I might be missing.  I dont need a solution for acouple of weeks.  Lets herar your thoughts.
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First, for your dual laptop setup, the adhoc mode is available for you to use no matter what wireless card you have. Even the standard windows zero config tool has it. All you really need to do is set both of them to adhoc, make sure they are using the same SSID, and the same encryption if you feel the need to encrypt the connection. The rest is simple ethernet networking, make sure they have IPs of the same subnet.
For example:
Base: /
Remote: /
Once you have all that in place and you can ping back and forth, open up a windows explorer window and type in the address field  \\compname\sharename
Map a network drive if you like. Most of the time they aren't needed.

About the battery on the standalone webcam.
The camera comes with a simple power supply that has a piece of wire and a little connector at the end. You can either take it with you to the electronics store and buy a connector and some wire and make one, or just cut it off the original power supply and attach it to the battery.
You'll need to make sure the voltage on the battery is the correct one of course. The same with the polarity.
Hugh FraserConsultantCommented:
You don't need to have an access point to connect the two laptops. Wifi also supports adhoc or peer-to-peer networks, which will allow you to connect the two laptops without an intermediate device. Is this what you're referring to?
I'm not sure what your budget is but let me suggest a simpler solution just in case you have some cash in your disposal.
There are several WiFi cameras out there that will operate by themselves without the need for a laptop. You mentioned that there is no permanent power source so when compared to a laptop, the camera's power requirements are tiny. Even a small car battery will be able to power this camera for a really long time.
Something like this. I'm sure you can find lots of different companies out there that make them.

These cameras have their own software built-in which you can program to record straight to your base station's laptop.

If you still want to stay with the dual laptop solution, the wireless part shouldn't be a problem. Having remote control of the camera on the other laptop will be more of a challenge. You could either use remote desktop software like pcAnywhere, or manually set the camera to record and save to a local folder that is shared on the network so that you can access it from the other laptop. Or have it save straight to a network folder on the other laptop. Either way.
seaweed27Author Commented:
Can you link or give a bssic descrip of your reccomended set up?
that may be a solution down the road but these are the materials i have my disposal.
How would i connect the Linksys camera to a car battery or any other battery for that matter.

Hugh FraserConsultantCommented:
As DorianIS describes, adhoc networks are simple to create. But as with any other wireless network, do use WPA2 for authentication to keep your network private and accessible only by those authorized to join it.
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