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SBS 2003 - Can't Access RWW

I just installed a SBS 2003 server on a small network.  Have it on public cable modem (dynamic dns service for the name) behind a RV042.

Local server IP -

I have 3 Access Rules setup on the RV042:
1 - HTTPS - 443 - Source Any, Destination -
2 - RWW - 4125 - Source Any, Destination -
3 - RDP - 3389 - Source Any, Destination -

SSL certificate is correct and goes to the dynamic name server name i created.

When I pull up https://name/remote I am prompted that:
There is a problem with this websites security

If i click continue which you generally need to do when using a Dynamic DNS service I get a
HTTP 501 Not Implemented/HTTP 505 Version Not Supported
The website is unable to display the webpage

I ran through the Connect to Internet Wizard again, and everything seems good.
- RWW, Outlook over Internet, Outlook Web Access is all selected.

Locally I can connect using the lan ip or the netbios name.  Not external dns or ip

What else can I try?

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1 Solution
I don't think you can use SSL connection with dynamic dns. your servers public ip address have to be static.

is this works ok internally ?
Fluid_ImageryAuthor Commented:
I have done this before, so you can use a SSL with a dynamic dns name

name.redirectme.net is mapped over to the wan ip using NO-IP Updater.  

It works internally if I do the LAN IP

No wan.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
This looks like you have set up firewall rules on the RV042 under "firewall" / " "Access Rules" rather than using the port forwarding, located under "Setup" / "Forwarding". You need the latter, might this be the case?

Also though I am not certain it is necessary, under Firewall enable HTTPS, and make sure if remote management is enabled it is not set up to use one of your ports (443, 4125, 3389)

You do not need 3389 by the way unless you want direct access with terminal service. The same thing can be achieved with RWW over SSL/443, more securely.
Fluid_ImageryAuthor Commented:
It was my birthday I forgot to configure in both locations, fixed it after posting.

Thanks for the feedback
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Great, glad to hear.
You shouldn't need to configure under the firewall settings, just the port forwarding.
Thanks Fluid_Imagery.

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