Need RAID controller recommendation

I'd like to add a RAID 5 array to my Dell SC1430 server. Would you please recommend a decent quality low-price (sub $500) RAID controller? Thanks.
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
I haven't personally used the Adaptec 3405, but it's an excellent card.   It does require a PCIe x4 slot, but your server has two of those, so you most likely have one available (but do confirm that before buying the card).   The Adaptec RAID software is excellent; and this card supports not only RAID-5 but also RAID-6, in case you should ever decide you want even more fault tolerance (although with only 4 drives, that would only leave 2 data drives -- so you may as well use RAID-1 in that case).

The only con I can think of is it only supports 4 directly attached drives.   Personally, I'd spend a bit more (around $500) and get a good 8 port card -- just in case your needs expand in the future (or you decide to use RAID-6).
why don't you use the one that come with the server ? . what type of drive you planing to use ?
stevengraffAuthor Commented:
why don't you use the one that come with the server ?
None came with the server. The mb does not support RAID natively.
. what type of drive you planing to use ?
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stevengraffAuthor Commented:
I have stumbled upon the Adaptec 3405... anyone have any comments based on their experience with this card, positive or negative?
QEMSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We use the Intel SRCS28X in our "cheaper" server (the only one that isn't a SCSI RAID setup). I changed over to this RAID card after a failure of an older card and I have found it does everything I need in that server.

It was easy to install and setup, supports SATA2 drives so its pretty affordable in terms of the HDDs you'll need.

It doesn't support RAID6, but it does support RAID5/10/50 so it should be able to provide a high enough level of resilience.
stevengraffAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help. I purchased the 3405 and am pleased with it.
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