Having Problems with Exchange 2003 OWA

I have a server that is a single server. It hosts a webpage along with E-mail via exchange 2003.

I am having a hard time setting the thing for OWA. I can access OWA from domain.com/exchange. When I try and use mail.domain.com I cannot get to it.

Where do I need to put mail.domain.com in exchange system manager, also where would I put the MX records on godaddy?

Can someone give me step by step instructions on this.

Do I need a CA name? I know I need an mx record, but the question is do I need any other records put on the domain manager on godaddy.
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You cannot use a redirection - in fact, you will cause yourself more problems than you solve in doing this.

I've never used GoDaddy myself, so cannot comment specifically on their control panel. However, the first step is to create a mail.domain.com subdomain. For its DNS configuration, it should be set as an 'A' record, with your public static IP address set in the record.

Once this record has replicated through DNS, presuming that server will also be receiving email for your domain, edit the 'MX' records for your main domain.com domain, and enter mail.domain.com as the only MX record.

mail.domain.com does not need to be configured in Exchange to make OWA work or inbound email work. It will need to be configured in the RPC/HTTPS configuration though: http://www.amset.info/exchange/rpc-http-server.asp

Finally, you will also need ports 25 and 443 forwarded to the Exchange Server, and you will ideally install a trusted SSL Certificate from a SSL certificate CA, such as http://DomainsForExchange.net.

dont worry about mx record just create a sub domain in godaddy call mail.domain.com and forwarded it to domain.com/exchange. that's the easiest way of doing it.
rdmjohnstonAuthor Commented:
Would I be able to use http over rpc using the mail.domain.com if I were to redirect it using a subdomain?
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