How do I connect two datasets in one SSRS report

I have two datasets:

One that gets the invoice details.
The other gets the respective customer's BILLTO and SHIPTO address.

How do I connect both the datasets together in one report?
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MPKRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Vikram, I think you are wrong. In you might have datasets containing multiple datatable, but not in SSRS.
In Reporting Services you can go two ways.
1. Change your Customer Data View/query, so that it contains the BILLTO and SHIPTO adresses in every Datarow (redundant), if this is possible. So you just need one single dataset.
A similar scenario is discussed here>
2. Define a second, third ... dataset that has it's own query and requests BILLTo or whatever you need.
Think in terms of datatable not dataset.
In the SSRS , create one dataset object , which will contain multiple datatable , i..e from Billto and Shipto.
Once the datatables are filled up with data , you can proceed  normally.
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