hardware specs impact on network connection speed

I have a server with low hardware specs, i.e. 128 mb ram, etc.

But, someone said it doesn't matter because it is only a nas box.
However, the speed is very slow to the computer when accessing files.

Does anyone have any input on how the hardware specs can have an impact on the speed of computer access?

Solo PascualIT SupportAsked:
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Mike KlineCommented:
Without perfcounters it is hard to give an exact answer but I would add more RAM as seeing how cheap it is these days.  You could bump that up to 1GB or more for a very good price.  
On a Windows 2003 file server there are some benchmarks
See Table 2.16  and the information under that
Well it's not so much network access as the file system on the server will be slow with that little ram. If the file system is slow then network shares will be slow as well, doesn't matter if you have gigabit ethernet or not.
There are two factors. Network Speed and the Server.

Network speed should not be an issue unless you have many users on your network transferring large data at the same time on obsolete network equipment (switch).

The other factor is the server.  When someone access the files stored there, the server still has to work. You need memory for the OS as well as the tasks performed.  Think of it the same way as if you were on your PC at home. If you have no free space left on your hard drive and have very little RAM, your PC will drag.
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