Where can I find a tutorial or basic information about encryption with Flash and PHP from a novice level, starting with the basics?

My question does not pertain to a specific problem, but rather a problem finding the information I need to accomplish some solutions to a new web site I am building.

I am profecient with ActionScript 3, and a heavy Flash builder, (much more experienced with the animation and design side of the fence than the development side).


I am using Flash, ActionScript 3, PHP, and MySQL to build a fairly simple interface that needs to do the following...

1. Allow users to create new accounts, and generate a validation email.

2. Retreive account information from the database when called, and allow them to edit their profile information.

3. Play a flash video game that collects a score and inserts into the database record for that user.

This is a soft-launch for a web site that is going to expand into e-commerce, heavy broadband content, and an online community (like Facebook).

We are trying to establish our best practices up front while the project is simple so that as we build up from this initial base, we are already using the best methods available and have time to test them out while the footprint is still small.

The problem:

I have little to no experience with using encryption, and I cannot find any information on how to integrate encryption beween as3 and php.

I have seen the as3crypto web site, which has no documentation for a novice and is WAY over my head right now...


The only tutorial I have found so far that I can understand and use to work from right now uses MD5 encryption.


However technology folks at the company are against using MD5 because they want to use private/public keys and think MD5 is not secure enough -- (at least for the future expansion of this project).

I am extremely comfortable building the interfaces, and all parts necessary, along with some basic communication between Flash and PHP, but I almost have no idea how to use one of these custom encryption classes like as3crypto, and cannot find any tutorials or information (like an "as3crypto For Dummies") online.

If there is any information out there that can take someone who is good with ActionScript 3 and walk them through using encryption in a way a novice user can understand it would be greatly appreciated.

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mharfouchConnect With a Mentor Commented:

have everything.
CraybeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no good way to programmatically encrypt the data from flash to php as anything you code can be extracted from the decompiled swf and php file.  If you are trying to prevent an external user from intercepting the information being passed from the flash file to php on a users computer your best bet would be to run the transfer in an SSL directory as it should protect any POST information.

Hope that helps :-)
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