Outlook 2007 crashes on startup under "normal" mode.


I have a problem with outlook 2007 that was an outlook 2003 problem and wondering if someone knows whats going on. Originally my client called me up and told me that her outlook 2003 setup was crashing with a missing "shell32.dll" error. She did not have the original outlook 2003 disk (as the error suggested a reinstall) so we upgraded her to Outlook 2007. Now the program will not open. The outlook splash screen comes up and then says that outlook has experienced an error and needs to restart. The program does open in Safe Mode. I have disabled all add ins through safe mode but I still get a crash in normal mode. I have also reinstalled the program 3 times. Any ideas?
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When you say upgrade......
Do you mean you upgraded from 2003 to 2007
Or uninstalled 2003 and Installed Full Retail Version of 2007?

Theres a few things you can do here:

First I would check that 2007 SP1 is installed:

How did you diable the add-ins?
Check the registry location for Add Ins
There is a known issue in Outlook 2007 that does cuase it to crash.

Outlook is crashing

Disable add-ins. If you have Adobe Acrobat 6 installed, disable it's add-in first. SnagIt's addin will also crash Outlook. If Outlook crashes when you attempt to disable the addins, you'll need to edit the registry. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins and change the load behavior for Acrobat, SnagIt or other non-Microsoft add-ins to 0.

This is the likely to be the problem.

If the above doesnt work, close Outlook and reopen using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /cleanprofile

Otherwise, if an upgrade, I might revert back to 2003.
Run the Windows Installer Celanup utility to remove 2003
Then reinstall 2007

daarchiveAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response. I have tried all of these items and still nothing at this point. What I find odd is if I run in safe mode and enable all add ins the software runs perfect. Seems to be something "extra" that outlook adds.
daarchiveAuthor Commented:
This is driving me nuts. Anyone? Thank you for your help so far Apache.
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