Looking for an open source or low cost Web-based purchase order tracking app.

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a simple web based application that would allow customers (wholesalers,  sales rep etc..) to login and get their orders/shipments  status based on their customer login ID.

Ideally, that application would have the following functionalities:

- run on a linux or MS server
- keep a history of all past orders
- Get order status : PO received, processed, shipped, paid (set by admin), shipment lead time
- allow sales rep to login and access all POs within their territories
- ability to store POs received by fax, email etc.. (that is, a file section for storing original PDF orders etc..)
- Nice to have: Allow reps to see commisions in real time based on territorial sales

Ideally a PHP script or ASP Open source,  OR an application. under 500$.

I DO NOT need e-commerce, nor shopping carts, or ERP, nor EDI or CMS. Just a plain simple order tracking manager.

Any ideas where I could find such a utility (other than custom design) ?

Thank you for your help.

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DarthvadrAuthor Commented:
Thanks shobinsun but after countless hours of surfing the net, I just could not find anything interesting.

Some I found met my requirements but were desktop based not web. Most of them managed internal  POs (procurement) NOT sales order or customer purchase orders.

I guess I'm going to outsource this for a customized app.

Would you guys have any recommendations for outsourcing that kind of app ? Has anyone tried rent a coder, your thoughts ?

Thank you

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