coordinate MS Outlook calendars without an Exchange server

Got 2 PC users with 2007 Outlook getting their mail from the same POP3 server.  They each keep a (necessarily) seperate calendar.  If they were using a shared Exchange server, they could use Delegates to see each other's calendars...but there's no common Exchange server.  Any 3rd party or net solutions that are cheap & easy to apply?  They do share a common file server.  
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HI - there are a few ways to do this.
In Outlook 2007 Help, search for "Introduction to Internet Calendars" and that will give you a good background to what options are available.  
Another thought is a 3rd party package - Did you find this list of 3rd party programs:
Hello KenAdney,

They can share a free online Google Calendar, which allows sync to Outlook calendar

Hope this helps!
KenAdneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I think this is exactly what I was looking for...
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