Competency test for interview process?

i am looking for a  sample competency test that I could use during the interview process?  The position requires proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, XP, Active Directory,software/hardware troubleshooting & support, TCP/IP networking, and Veritas backup software.  Would like for the test to include broad and in-depth knowledge of x86 hardware architecture and microsoft software.  Thanks for your feedback -
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A few months back, I had to design my own test for testing the technical competencies of the person who would replace me.  My boss interviewed the persons based on how he would fit-in with the group and I interview them for technical competencies of the position.

You mentioned:
 Microsoft Office applications,
 Active Directory,
 software/hardware troubleshooting & support,
 TCP/IP networking, and
 Veritas backup software.  
 Think of or look at the main or recurring problems you had with these areas in the last year, and come up with a couple questions to ask for each, in order to see how the candidate would have handled them himself.  That will tell you a lot, and you can always probe for further details.
 Optionally, look at some of the Top EE Solutions or EE Time Tested Solutions in these areas if you want to know the main issues and the accepted solutions.

You'll have to design your own.  You can find each of the disciplines you're looking for online, but not in a combination like you're looking for.
davisAuthor Commented:
Good idea, thanks  I will gather a list of issues related to daily operations and generate some questions
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