Convert 3D Patch Data to 3d array/matrix (from surf, patch, or VRML import)

Good day everyone,

I currently have several 3D meshes/patches I've created by either:
a) Generating them with patch/surf commands
b) Importing VRML files exported from 3D graphics design applications, like MAYA

I am trying to find a way to convert these 3D polygon-based models into a 3D array of voxels so that I can essentially define a 3D coordinate, and know the pixel intensity value at that point. This would allow me to essentially quantize the 3D model into discrete points, and perform histogram analysis on it.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance,
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Can you give an example of how your data look like? May be you can provide a code to generate small dataset, or just attach a small mat-file (rename it to txt).

BTW, did you have a look at TMW Virtual Reality Toolbox (now it's Simulink 3D Animation)?
dogbertiusAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did. Basically, I have to use the Virtual Reality Toolbox to import the VRML files that Maya, 3d Studio, etc, export. I'm able to display those, but the basic premise is that I have to convert patch data to a 3D array.

Thank you.
Please give more information about your dataset. Which class are you using in Matlab? What node type? What is a structure of you VRML?
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