sbs 2008, can't see domain from member server

I'm trying to add a domain user to a server 2003 and I can only see the local computer account to pick users from.  I joined the domain and logged onto the member server as the domain admin.  In the local administrators group I see Administrator and an account that is not recognized "S-1-5-21....".  What am I missing?
Jon GiesePresidentAsked:
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Jon GiesePresidentAuthor Commented:
I fixed this by configuring dns and dhcp on the sbs box.  Turned off that function on my router.
Olaf De CeusterCommented:
Is the server 2003 in the sbs server group in the active Directory. (Only if the sever 2003 is NOT a DC)
Hope that helps,
You do not have AD (Active Directory) installed on that server That's what you are missing.
If you go to "Manage Your Server" and add Role you can install AD on that server.
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