Mount Windows Share Linux Knoppix 6 vs 5.1

I've been using the Knoppix 5.1 live CD to boot client machines up so that I can make/restore images using partimage by mounting a windows share directory.

The normal commands i've been using and still works is as follows

sudo su
cd /mnt
mkdir windows
mount -t smbfs -o username=administrator,password=mypass //myserver/images /mnt/windows

Once i started using the Knoppix 6 CD using the same command, i get an error message saying that smbfs is an unknown file type. the error says

mount: unknown filesystem type 'smbfs'

I've read all kinds of posts about using cifs or ntfs-3g and other file system types and I haven't had any luck. I even tried options adding the windows domain but no luck.

Any thoughts on why its different? I like the 3d Desktop Environment on the Knoppix 6 cd and im currently downloading the 5.3 dvd iso hoping its similar, but i'd also like to be using the latest version of Knoppix. BTW is there is Knoppix 6 live dvd loaded with more extras or is that the same as 5.3 dvd?

Also I've posted this question in the Knoppix Forums and am still waiting for a response.
Sharyar MozumderMobile Automation TesterAsked:
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure why you are reading posts relating to ntfs-3g, that is totally unrelated. It is only used when you want to mount an HD partitioned with an ntfs filesystem directly, not via the LAN.

Try the following command to mount your windows shares:

mount -t cifs -o username=administrator,password=mypass //myserver/images /mnt/windows

newer versions of windows use a more secure version for filesharing, and than has been taken care of with cifs on the samba side, so the smbfs filesystem often isn't included in the kernel modules anymore.

Anyway, knoppix 6 hasn't really given me that much satisfaction, I prefer 5.3.1 which includes everything I need. After all it is still a preview version.
Sharyar MozumderMobile Automation TesterAuthor Commented:
that command did not work.  I understand samba is not installed in the newer version and maybe the cause. I guess i'll have to revert back to 5.3.1 for now, until they come out with a version of 6 that isn't so introductory in terms of whats preinstalled.
It should work, I tried it with knoppix 6. Smbfs isn't included in most new distros, although I didn't notice that, as I've always been using cifs (it has more security included, and when mounting server 2003 shares smbfs normally won't work).
Sharyar MozumderMobile Automation TesterAuthor Commented:
I ended up using the 5.3.1 version because of the lack of samba in version 6. I didn't realize it was a preview edition and lacking certain files.  I'm pretty sure i attempted the use of the same command using CIFS and it didn't work, but i dont believe i installed samba when i attempted to do that.  I'll post an update soon as i'll be updating some more systems in a couple weeks using the same procedure.
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