How to change a format date on Windows 2003 & IIS 6.0 using ASP 2

Hi All:

I just installed a windows 2003 sp 2 - 64 bits, IIS 6.0, ASP.NET v2.0.50727, informix clien sdk 3.00, the Windows  is on english, also I have teh regional and languages options set to Mexico (Spanish Mexico) , If I check the date format using DATE command on CMD, the format date output is:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>date
The current date is: 24/04/2009
Enter the new date: (dd-mm-yy)

and that's is correct, but when I run a programm on ASP, the format date on page is MMDDYYY.. my question is:
There are some steps or specific config to force the IIS to get the DDMMYYY format date? or Do I need configure something on Windows?
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jbristleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IIS date/time should be controlled by the OS. Is this asp code that you have written? It may be hard coded to that format. Check your asp and see if the date is displayed as a =date()  or if its something more complex like the attached.

<% =day(now) %>/<% =month(now) %>/<% =year(now) %>

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david_2911Author Commented:
the most strange thing is that same program runs in other IIS server with DDMMYYY date format, the only deference is my OS Server is on English and the other is on Spanish, the programm was created for a programmer on my company...
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