when scanning with spyware doctor 6.0  I get 2407 infections of "Spyware.Possible_Website_Hijack"  and spyware doc cannot delete.  Does anyone know what this is and if it's real?  How to delete?  

pc tools says it's a Indicates that a known good site may be hijacked. Adware, Spyware and Phishing sites may use the Windows hosts file to redirect your browser to a malicious site when you try to access a valid site such as your Bank....

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redfrogtechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorry to report that DR. Web was inconclusive on the removal of the website hijack bug.  I ended up removing sp3, then removing IE7, and doing many scans with many different programs (avast, spyware DR, spybot.. etc.)  Then I upgraded back to sp3 and ie7.  Everything seems to work fine now.  

DR web seemed to have crashed during scan, therefore I don't know what it did.  

I will keep it around though for future tests.  

Still wondering what is the diff between dvd iso and cd iso...

otherwise case closed for now and no real solution yet..
You can create a Dr Web CureIt boot CD from the below website:


Make sure to read the instructions in the ftp://ftp.drweb.com/pub/drweb/livecd/LiveCD-en.pdf location and burn the iso file as an image and not like a data CD file. This CD will boot up your PC and scan for viruses and remove them. Let us know, what viruses you find in the computer.

From  Expert Comment ID:24224698Author:warturtleDate:04/24/09 06:16 AM

I am assisting some another persone with virus on another post.
You can try also Windows Defender.  Great tool and free.

Worried about phishing attacks?

90% of attacks start with a phish. It’s critical that IT admins and MSSPs have the right security in place to protect their end users from these phishing attacks. Check out our latest feature brief for tips and tricks to keep your employees off a hackers line!

redfrogtechAuthor Commented:
That download is an .exe    should i make an iso from that??
redfrogtechAuthor Commented:
it ends up being:


Do you know what the difference between the CD and DVD version?

I downloaded and ran the cd version, walked away, came back about 30 min later, and screen was black like in hibernation.  I was unable to wake it, and forced it off..  so not sure if it worked yet.
I have not had dr web freeze before.
You could boot off cd or dvd and select safe boot
There is no difference from cd or dvd

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