Can i plug in something to dock my laptop in regards to vga adapter?

I had gotten a vostro laptop from dell for the office. I had purchased a kensignton docking station as dell didnt make a docking station for this model...undockabe i assume. right no the kensington accomadates the external mouse/keyboard, ethernet,usb printer so i only have a usb cable to the docking box to unplug and the power adaptor...I was wodering if there was a similar option for te video..The laptop has an external 15 pin vga adaptor ....Do they make some docking device so the video can somehow be output through usb to a larger external flat panel monitor.. this laptop is 13" buti hate to have the 15 pin screwed in or plugged in if i ther is a better solution for adding on a flat panel monitor for future purposes.
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FallbackpuppetConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here are a could of examples of docks that are probably more of what you are looking for.  there are many more just google universal laptop docking stations vga out
jbizzle979Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There are docking stations that have VGA out.
I would just purchase one with the VGA out and be done with it.
It shouldn't  be too much. :)
RobDatingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This sounds like what your looking for.

Do a google search for: USB VGA External Multi Monitor Video Adapter.

I haven't used any myself I'm afraid so look at some reviews
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